The "Coalface"

The Coalface's farther was a Light Green Dominant Pied and it's mother was an Opaline Grey Green.  Neither bird was heavily marked or flecked, nor were the siblings.

Coalface head shot

Is this the first Budgerigar with a Black Face ?

The Coalface stands tall

In over 25 years of breeding budgies, we've never seen anything like this !

It gets Blacker by the Day

As this bird continues to moult out, we see more of it's feathering turning Black.

More Coalface

We plan to pair this bird to another with very heavy Black markings to see if we can produce similar

Coalface close up

The feathers around the beak are usually either White or Yellow

Coalface from behind

The Coalface is also heavily marked on it's back

Coalville Times Report

Coalville Times Report on the Coalface!

This bird was selected as a baby to be sold as a pet, as it didn't meet our required standard for a show budgie.  It was available for sale for over 4 months, but nobody wanted it !  As it got older it also got Blacker !!!

We are now aiming to reproduce this phenomenom by pairing it to a related hen.