Here are some of our favorite sites that may also be of interest to you.  Click on the pictures or highlighted text to open a new browser page and be taken through to the website.

The Budgerigar Society

The Budgerigar Society - Welcome to the wonderful world of Budgerigars

The Budgerigar Society - Official Web Site - Exhibiting budgerigars, colony and controlled breeding of budgerigars

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Dave Whittaker at
The Budgerigar Society
Spring Gardens
Tel: 01604 624549
Fax: 01604 627108
Budgerigar World Magazine

Budgerigar World, the magazine for breeders of exhibition Budgerigars all over the World

This site is set to become the 'Internet Portal' to Exhibition Budgerigars providing details of the Budgerigar World and featuring key articles plus a huge data base of budgerigar information. We are one of the largest Budgerigar Sites on the net today and have a great numbers of Budgerigar related links.

The Crested Budgerigar Club is the oldest specialist budgerigar club in the UK.  The CBC is one of only two clubs in the world catering exclusively for the crested budgerigar. 

The CBC annual show is held in conjunction with the BS World Championship Show in Doncaster.  Please note the show date has moved for 2007 - to 29 & 30 September.

The Spangle Budgerigar Breeders Association

The Spangled Budgerigar Breeders Association.  This is the website of the SBBA in the UK, the Association for the breeding and improvement of the Spangle variety of Budgerigar.  From here you can link to news and events of the Association, patronage information and how to become a member. 

Also featured are photographs of some of the top Spangles in the UK today, articles from leading breeders and contact information for officials of the Association.